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PES 2016-RELOADED-PC Game-Direct Links

Data Release Date:  9/16/2015
Platform Requirements: PC 
Genre: Sports 
Language:  ENG  
Size: 5.03 GB

About the game:

Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the most popular sports game that fans of this genre of games has been associated with for many years and each year a new version is released, during the past few years as in competition with a similar title (FIFA from studio EA) is deteriorating and even this downturn to the extent that many fans of the series have moved to rival FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer 16 over its previous version have been many changes and this shows that Konami has learned from the defeat last year against EA. PES 2016 also marks the anniversary of a series is 20. According to reports by Konami, the game will focus on the roots and core values ​​of the PES series, PES 2016 game by Fox engine has been developed game engine, the same engine as that of Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain made based on them. With this small part of the game has improved graphics engine to any other significant product launch. A product that focuses on the real experience.
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Among other things, PES 2016 is intended to provide an advanced collision system that can calculate the retaliation outcome of the confrontation between the two players is unique. The game also gives more control to the players when they are in the air. Using the left analog player can fight your face or to the head or on foot to look for a better place. PES 2016 also includes improvements in Tnbhtn battles as well.Improvements that can help players to have won the battle in a real way. Other new features added to the game such as defense and tackling game and better AI also noted players. In addition, PES 2016 includes happiness after serious goals and better graphic effects like dynamic weather (rainy players slipping on the floor, eat and fall) and is a new camera angle. In this game, players can see the new animations, new ball physics and improvements in the Master League and we myClub. As well as the Master League game, now focuses more on single-player and quick recovery is seen.
A few things about compressed files  :
1. All compressed files in 5% recovery. This feature makes it difficult to extract the files completely to zero. This feature makes if the file was damaged during download using a repair program Winrar to extract the problem is resolved.
2. To extract the files you need to install the latest version of the program Winrar and Shaggy are otherwise difficult to extract some of the files you want to be. 
3. Enter the link part in the program IDM mail for notification if the Working Group set criminal content tabs were removed from the site continue to download the parts you do not have a problem.

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downloadDownload Part 1:  Direct Link
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